2K Performance Horses - Kaylee Kapraun

Horse Training

$1150/ month full board

Horses in training receive a thorough foundation in groundwork and riding as well will learn a wide variety of skills such as:

• Ground manners (standing for farrier, tying, trailer loading, etc)
• Body control on the ground (lunging, backing, side passing, pivots, etc)
• Body control under saddle (stops, transitions, lead departures, side passing, pivots, etc)
• Trail riding
• Softness in the bridle
• Acclimation to varied objects and obstacles (tarps, water crossings, bridges, etc)
• And more...

As your horse develops, Kaylee encourages owners to involve themselves in the training of your horse through weekly lessons. Taking lessons during your horse’s time at 2K Performance Horses gives owners insight on the horse's abilities, strengths, and suitability for different events. In addition to intensive training, horses in Kaylee’s program have opportunities to travel to shows and trail rides to get plenty of exposure to different sights and experiences.

As a professional, Kaylee strives to offer best for horses and clients both. There is a 90 day minimum for all new horses in training. After 90 days of time spent with Kaylee, owners are more likely to be successful and safe with their horse(s). Kaylee’s goal for horse owners is to have FUN and feel safe with their equine partner. Kaylee believes it takes 90 days for a horse not just improve, but to really become solid in any area owners would like them to advance in.

Training Services include:
• Gentling the Untouched Horse
• Colt Starting
• Advancing the Green Horse
• Fine Tuning the Finished Horse
• Problem Horses
• AQHA Ranch Riding, Western Dressage, Ranch Versatility, Reining, Liberty, Bridleless Riding, and Confidence with Cattle

2K Performance Horses, Kaylee Kapraun, trains horses near Metamora, IL. Training services include: Colt Starting using natural horsemanship techniques, problem horses, tune-up's, reining, ranch riding, western dressage and mustangs.

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